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Most of the scientific universities diagnosed by the scientific Council of India and the world health corporation follow English because the medium of teaching for global college students, allowing them to draw close the standards quick and speak Tajikistan is a mountainous us of a in relevant Asia. Tajikistan population majorly belongs to the ethnic organization who shares the lifestyle and records with the Iranian peoples and Uzbek people and their reputable language is Tajik. within the twentieth Century, Tajikistan have become a constituent republic of the Soviet Union and is usually known as the Soviet Socialist Republic. subsequent to Independence, Tajikistan had to go through a disastrous civil conflict which lasted from the year 1992 to 1997. by way of the stop of the conflict, newly-established political stability and foreign aid have authorised the u . s . a .’s financial system to develop. via place, Tajikistan is the smallest kingdom in vital Asia. it’s miles densely included with the aid of mountains of the Pamir variety and fifty percent of the country is above sea level. It has greater than 900 rivers which are 10 kilometers lengthy. in keeping with the sector bank facts, the GDP of Tajikistan expanded at an average price of 9.6% over the length of 2000-2007 after the sector war. This effects in improving Tajikistan’s role amongst different vital Asian countries. The primitive supply of income in Tajikistan is cotton developing and aluminum production. The aluminum industry is represented by the state-owned Tajik Aluminum agency, the largest aluminum plant in imperative Asia and it’s miles one of the leading and the largest in the global. around 2013, Tajikistan had started its primary development in transportation. Being a landlocked united states of america, Tajikistan shipping is thru Rail, Air, and Roads. In 2009, there was an agreement made amongst three international locations Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan to improve the motorway and rail machine to decorate the transportation device. by way of 2012, the Afghanistan high Minister signed an agreement to assemble the street and railway structures together with its oil, gas, and water pipelines simultaneously to attach these 3 main neighboring countries. The foremost language spoken in Tajikistan is Tajik. Tajikistan’s fundamental city towns consist of Dushanbe which is the capital of the country and different towns as well Khujand, kulob, Panjakent, Khorugh, and Istaravshan. it also includes three minor towns particularly Uzbek, Kyrgyz, and Russian. by means of 2016, the authorities has deliberate to put into effect a complete 12 years education device as in advance number one and secondary was most effective for 11 years.

Culture & Society

The Tajik language is the mother tongue of round eighty% of the residents of Tajikistan. the main city centers in today’s Tajikistan consist of Dushanbe (the capital), Khujand, Kulob, Panjakent, Qurghonteppa, Khorugh, and Istaravshan. There are also Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Russian minorities. The Pamiri people of Gorno-Badakhshan self sufficient Province inside the southeast, bordering Afghanistan and China, even though taken into consideration a part of the Tajik ethnicity, although are awesome linguistically and culturally from most Tajiks. In assessment to the usually Sunni Muslim residents of the relaxation of Tajikistan, the Pamiris overwhelmingly follow the Ismaili sect of Islam and talk a number of jap Iranian languages, consisting of Shughni, Rushani, Khufi, and Wakhi. remoted inside the highest elements of the Pamir Mountains, they’ve preserved many historical cultural traditions and people arts that have been in large part lost someplace else within the u . s . a .. The Yaghnobi humans stay in mountainous areas of northern Tajikistan. The predicted quantity of Yaghnobis is now about 25,000. pressured migrations inside the twentieth century decimated their numbers. They communicate the Yaghnobi language, that’s the most effective direct modern descendant of the historical Sogdian language. Tajikistan artisans created the Dushanbe Tea residence, which became supplied in 1988 as a present to the sister metropolis of Boulder, Colorado.


Public training in Tajikistan includes eleven years of primary and secondary schooling however the government has plans to enforce a 12-year machine in 2016. there may be a distinctly large variety of tertiary education establishments including Khujand kingdom college which has seventy six departments in 15 schools, Tajikistan country university of law, business, & Politics, Khorugh nation college, Agricultural college of Tajikistan, Tajik country national university, and several other establishments. most, however now not all, universities have been established in the course of the Soviet technology. As of 2008 tertiary education enrollment changed into 17%, notably below the sub-nearby average of 37%. Many Tajiks left the schooling device due to low demand inside the exertions marketplace for human beings with massive instructional education or professional abilties. Public spending on schooling turned into tremendously regular among 2005-2012 and fluctuated from three.five% to four.1% of GDP considerably below the OECD average of 6%. The United nations suggested that the level of spending became “critically insufficient to meet the requirements of the u . s . a .’s high-needs schooling gadget.” according to a UNICEF-supported survey, approximately 25 percent of girls in Tajikistan fail to finish compulsory number one schooling due to poverty and gender bias, even though literacy is normally excessive in Tajikistan. Estimates of out of school youngsters variety from four.6% to 19.four% and the widespread majority are women


in spite of repeated efforts by way of the Tajik authorities to improve and expand fitness care, the machine remains extraordinarily underdeveloped and bad, with severe shortages of scientific materials. The country’s Ministry of labor and Social Welfare said that 104,272 disabled people are registered in Tajikistan (2000). This organization of human beings suffers most from poverty in Tajikistan. The government of Tajikistan and the arena bank taken into consideration activities to guide this a part of the population defined within the global financial institution’s Poverty reduction approach Paper. Public expenditure on fitness become at 1% of the GDP in 2004. life expectancy at beginning was envisioned to be 66.38 years in 2012. The toddler mortality rate become about 37 deaths according to 1,000 kids in 2012. In 2011, there have been one hundred seventy physicians in line with one hundred,000 humans. In 2010 the country experienced an outbreak of polio that brought on extra than 457 instances of polio in both children and adults and led to 29 deaths before being added under manage.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Tajikistan

  • Affiliated by Medical Council of India (MCI): Students will get ‘Eligibility Certificate’ from MCI & can practice in India after appearing for Screening Test.
  •  After Graduating students can apply for Government jobs in India and do PG/MD/MS courses in India.
  • First University in Asia to get approval & recognition from MCI, WHO, USMLE, UNESCO, FAIMER, DORA .. which makes this university the most reputed among all colleges in China,Russia,Armenia,Ukraine, etc.
  • WHO Listed & MCI approved.
  • Full English Medium Teaching for all Faculties.
  • Affordable education, accommodation & living cost.
  • Since English is the language of communication and language of instruction in Universities, No need to learn another to talk to patients [Medical students] Therefore providing a better understanding of the subjects.
  • One of the largest immigrant community in USA is Filipinos.

Language of Instruction in Tajikistan

The MBBS course in the nation is English. Be that as it may, they are additionally encouraged the nearby language with the goal that they face no issues when serving neighborhood patients amid the entry level position.

Intake for MBBS Course in Tajikistan

You should start the confirmation procedure for MBBS in Armenia in July-August as the classes for MBBS in Armenia begin in September. It’s smarter to look for exhortation from a specialist and solid advisor when you are applying for a college.

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